How to Style



Home wear

The Steteco was very useful when people lived without air conditioning. And that's why it's still so planet-friendly. Use less air conditioning and feel the natural breezes. Give your mind and body a pleasant time.



In the neighborhood

Casual clothing on holidays needs to be light and comfortable. Taking your dog for a walk, going to a convenience store or the beach... For a stroll in the neighborhood, we think the steteco looks far more fashionable than wearing your pajamas or going out in a sweat suit.



For travel, for business trips, etc.

Where you're stopping for the night, the steteco that you've worn under your trousers can also be worn fashionably in your room. It doesn't take up space and dries easily after washing; we recommend it for travel or a business trip.



Under a business suit

The Steteco is a boon during the stuffy rainy season or under the burning midsummer sun. It protects your suit from perspiration and makes it last longer. When you wear it under trousers, we advise you not to pull the trousers all the way up at once, but to put one hand under the trousers and push down the steteco as you pull the trousers up with the other hand.



Under the yukata (summer cotton kimono)

A summer festival or fireworks display may be your special occasion for wearing the yukata. But a yukata soaked with sweat isn't a pretty sight. In order to wear Japanese clothes neatly and confidently, we recommend first putting on a steteco. It completely absorbs perspiration trickling down behind the knees, and keeps you comfortable by preventing the yukata from directly sticking to the skin.