Steteco is a unique piece of functional clothing developed as a smart way to stay comfortable in Japan's humid summers. They were worn under kimonos or hakama (traditional Japanese clothing for men) in the Meiji period. Even as western-style clothing was adopted in Japan, steteco remained an essential part of people's lives, being worn under trousers or loungewear worn after taking a bath. By the 1950s steteco were the standard summer clothing for men, but as the lifestyles of Japanese people began to change and air conditioners came into use, they gradually faded from view.

steteco.com launched the Steteco Research Lab in 2008 to revive the culture of steteco and create new innovative products. AS Corporation, the company managing steteco.com, is a manufacturer that primarily makes underclothes and loungewear, working from a factory in Japan for over 80 years since its foundation in 1938. The company has a long history from its founding, in producing and popularizing steteco as its primary product for summertime.

In the ten years since steteco.com was launched, lifestyle and environmental changes have resulted in greater recognition of the superb comfort of steteco. But even so, we have yet to reach our ultimate goal of turning Japanese steteco into completely innovative loungewear for maximum comfort. As we continue to strive toward that vision, we ourselves are wearing steteco day in and out as part of our research work.





The steteco.com Manufacturing Policy

1.All steteco are made using cotton crêpe, a traditional Japanese material.
The fabric of our steteco, with its distinctive bumpy texture, is called crêpe, or chijimi in Japanese. This traditional Japanese material first appeared in the Edo period. All products labeled as steteco are made from cotton crêpe with our unique specifications, to bring the authentic culture and sense of comfort of this essential piece of clothing to you.

2.All our products are Made in Japan
The excellent products we bring you are made possible by our technology and experience refined over many long years. In order to carry forward the Japanese craftsmanship into the future, our manufacturing team in Japan, including our factory, handles every part of the process, from the material to the sewing.

3.Craftsmanship maximizing the comfort of natural materials
We believe that however far human technology evolves, it can never beat the sheer comfort of natural materials provided to us by Mother Earth. Our product development therefore focuses on maximizing the comfort of natural materials.